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Ethereal Amulets

Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

This listing is for a professional cleaning and can be used for any sterling or copper jewelry, whether it be mine or an antique piece in your collection. Sterling silver and copper can become dull and lack luster over time, but the beautiful thing about them is they can be restored! Just be sure that your piece is not plated, as this will not be able to be restored. After purchasing this listing: please send over an email with multiple close up photos showing your piece that needs to be restored. You are responsible for shipping the piece out to me so I will reply with shipping information. I will cover return shipping.


When making jewelry I try to go above and beyond to make sure your piece will last you as long as possible. If your piece does happen to get damaged it may be able to be repaired. Please email me BEFORE purchasing this listing with detailed photos of the piece and damage so we can discuss repairs and price.